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BMM made a material difference in bringing medical research and science one step closer to the clinic. With a € 90 million investment budget, BMM targeted radical innovations in biomedical materials. Over 400 researchers were brought together in this unique public/private partnership of over 50 leading institutions, corporations, and health foundations all supported by the government of the Netherlands. The best brains were set to push back scientific and technological boundaries thereby paving the way for step changes in healthcare, patient wellbeing, and societal and economic value creation.

  • BMM website and mail system will be closed as of 2016-01-01
    BMM website and mail system will be closed as of 2016-01-01
    BMM website and mail system will be closed as of 2016-01-01
  • Engagement participants results in a very successful BMM Final Event
    Engagement participants results in a very successful BMM Final Event
    Engagement participants results in a very successful BMM Final Event



On April 30, 2015 the formal decision to dissolve Stichting BioMedical Materials is published and registered at the Chamber of Commerce. Formal ending of the foundation is expected by the end of June 2015.
On April 1, 2015, ten months after its successful Final Event, the BioMedical Materials program (BMM) has almost ended its activities. The remaining actions are purely administrative. That’s the reason that the BMM office has been turned into a virtual office. We are no longer at the offices we have been using since the official opening by the Dutch Minister Maria van der Hoeven on 2008-01-21.
BMM has been highly successful, the projects clearly delivered according to their original and ambitious project plans. Over 50 partners joined BMM, 19 of these were SME and 6 were international participants. In total, 60 proposals for research projects were received, 19 of which were selected and approved for execution within BMM, including the Valorization Grant. 10 Patent applications were submitted, close to 500 publications and some 100 PhD theses. At this moment in time, CART-Tech B.V. has been established as a new company based on the outcome of the BMM project, and we know that several other projects are in the process of establishing a start-up company.
But also, and maybe most importantly, BMM was successful in bringing together researchers from various disciplines. Clinicians, chemists, material scientists, biologists and engineers working jointly on challenging biomedical materials solutions for clinical application and patients benefits.
For now, we would like to thank all BMM participants, partners, project members and staff for their help and efforts in building BMM and the BMM projects. Thanks to their help, their enthusiasm, continuous commitment and dedication, the BMM program has been very successful, a binding factor and a leading initiative in BioMedical Materials research and development.
The BMM website (and intranet) will remain available till 2015-12-31.


The BioMedical Materials program had a term of five years and a research budget of € 90 million for 18 pre-competitive research projects, in three different areas: cardiovascular, musculoskeletal and nephrology
iValve - Development of living, native heart valves and blood vessels 
NEXTREAM - Safer drug eluting stents
PENT - Local drug delivery for the growth of new blood vessels
SMARTCARE - Microtissues for functional repair of the heart muscle
LUST - MicroRNA against heart failure
Superdices - Smart coatings put cells at work
ICARUS - Stem cells linked to programmed protein microspheres for heart repair
CellBeads - Sustained protein delivery by encapsulated cells for heart repair

IDiDAS - Biomaterials for diseases of the intervertebral disc 
OAcontrol - Fight against arthritis
TRAMMPOLIN - New meniscus implant from strong flexible and durable synthetics
BONE-IP - New natural and synthetic materials to stimulate bone formation
Spineguide - Better support for the spinal column with new technology
NANTICO - Coatings for biomedical implants
IBIZA - Zebrafish for high throughput screening for better biomedical materials

BioKid - Improved haemodialysis with bio-artificial kidney
DESIRE - Controlling kidney inflammation
DialysisXS - Living blood vessels for vascular access in haemodialysis

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